Laura Alexander

My Background: My name is Laura Alexander, and I have been an ACS parent for the last seven years.   

I graduated from Texas State University with a degree in Interdisciplinary Studies with a focus on reading instruction. This will be my fourth year to teach at ACS, and I am beyond excited to be a part of this family.  I have a passion for teaching, inspiring and challenging children to love learning.

Kindergarten is so much more than fun and games.

It lays the groundwork for all future learning. Countless studies show that students who build strong foundations during this critical year are prepared to thrive through all other grades. At Angleton Christian School, we emphasize those ever-important academic foundations while fostering spiritual, social, and emotional growth. I strive to create a nurturing kindergarten environment as I use my God-given passion for loving children. As a result, students blossom in a close-knit environment that feels like home.

Individual attention at ACS:


In kindergarten, we focus heavily on the core areas of reading, math, science, and social studies. A variety of hands-on activities bring these subjects to life for young learners. From developing language skills through interactiveStory time to grasping mathematical concepts by building concrete models, students are engaged cognitively, physically, and socially as they learn. 

Bible teaching: 

Bible instruction isn’t limited to a single part of the day. Our curriculum emphasizes how God’s truth is relevant in all areas of life. With Jesus at the center of every activity, students begin to understand the higher source of knowledge, fostering wisdom from an early age. Additionally, I am a Bible-believing teacher, whose desire is to partner with parents to reinforce the Christian values taught at home.


My Ministry

I feel that Angleton Christian School provides an exceptional educational environment that allows our children to grow and mature in a Christ-centered loving and safe environment.  I have experienced first-hand, the amazing teaching staff and Christian environment provided by this school, and I am so blessed to be a part of it.

My mother says that as a young child I always wanted to be a “kinnygarden” teacher.  I love children, and God has given me a gift of relating to them.  I’ve always known I wanted to use this gift in a Christian ministry.  I accepted Christ as my Lord and Savior when I was 8 years old while sitting in the sanctuary of Second Baptist Church, Angleton.  I have remained there,  as a life-long member of Second Baptist Church, where I served for many years as the kindergarten Sunday School teacher. 


 My position at Angleton Christian school has allowed me to experience the beauty of integrating faith and learning.  It would be very difficult for me to separate my faith from my work.  Working at ACS allows me to be real about my love for God and my love for His children.


Join Us

If you are looking for an academically excellent, Christ-centered kindergarten program for your child, I invite you to Angleton Christian School. I encourage families to be a part of the learning experience each year!  Get ready for meaningful activities, lots of fun, and an opportunity to learn and grow closer to Christ, while preparing for successful academic lives.

My Favorite Scripture

“My soul finds rest in God alone; my salvation comes from Him.  He alone is my rock and my salvation; He is my fortress, I will never be shaken.”  Psalm 62:1-2

Ann Post

My Interests and Background

I play flute with the Brazosport College Wind Ensemble.  I occasionally participate in the National Community Band and the National Community Band at Sea as well as play the July 4th concert with Alvin Community College band.  That’s me in the center of the picture.  National Community Band was performing at Las Vegas University.   I love to read, sew, do puzzles and raise animals.  Traveling is my passion, and I have been fortunate enough to go around the world. I’m blessed with a loving family, complete with grandchildren. 


I have a BS degree in Elementary Education (Gr. 1-8), with a minor in English and a kindergarten certificate from University of Houston.  It has been my privilege to teach children since 1972 in the Danbury and Angleton school districts.  These years included instruction in grades K, K-1, 1, and 2. 



My name is Ann Post.  I’ve lived in Danbury, Texas for almost 50 years.  Going to church every Sunday has been a part of my entire life.  I was raised in Athens, Texas and attended the First Methodist Church. I am currently a member of Northway Baptist Church in Angleton.  I accepted Jesus as my personal savior in 1974.   Teaching Sunday School/Bible School, singing in the choir, playing my flute, helping with fellowship meals, etc. are all part of my background.  


I was invited to teach at ACS several years ago, and what a joy it has been. I often liken it to teaching Sunday School. The staff and families are wonderful to be around.  I still LOVE coming to school each day.   For me, there can be no more rewarding grade than kindergarten.  No other year in the school life produces a greater change.  In August there is a class full of babies who can’t tell you their name, can’t hold a pencil or recognize the alphabet, can’t get in line, can’t follow directions, can’t dress themselves, can’t work the bathroom; you get the picture.   By May, there is a class full of students who can read, write, add and subtract.  There is nothing sweeter than a 5 year old …..  I love them!!   


My Expectations

My classroom expectations are very, very high.  Self-control, making good choices, respecting others, doing your best are daily essentials.  We love to be silly, act out stories, sing our heads off and “make stuff.”  We spend the mornings learning academics with “brain breaks” sprinkled here and there.  The afternoons are full of stories, art, drama, music, centers, games, etc.   God is at the center of it all.  Prayer and scripture are woven into our curriculum throughout the day. 


I count it a privilege to teach children.  Kindergarten is the foundation for all the school experiences to come.  Growing socially and emotionally through Christ is the focus of this important year.  Thank you for sharing your child with me!!!  Please contact me any time you wish to visit with questions or concerns.  

Leslie Segovia

Angleton Christian School

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