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Forward in FAITH

When you're COMMITTED to something, you accept NO EXCUSES; only RESULTS.

There have been MANY individuals who have demonstrated the desire and commitment to create and establish Angleton Christian School. I can only share some of my experiences while being at ACS.

Shortly after my arrival at ACS, there seemed to be a group of parents “loitering” in an empty room at the school. I thought they were keeping an eye on me. A couple of days later Angleton Christian School had a Library. Pam Brooks, Paula Mutina, and OTHERS demonstrated a commitment to the success of ACS.

I also recall having a group of FBC men who would answer the call for ANY building and/or maintenance job at the school. Ralph Shuman, Weldon Zgarba, Drew Culpepper, Mr. Schneider, the Schultz boys, and OTHERS kept the school together. They repaired, painted, and fixed ANYTHING that was broken. Tom Wilson was THE mowing crew. He would show up out of nowhere with his John Deere tractor and mow for HOURS. Drew Culpepper always had a word of encouragement for me and he CONTINUES to help mow the school grounds. Mrs. Schneider and Mrs. Ragland would show up EVERY week, and stop by my office to ask if I had any prayer requests—ACS prayer warriors!

Susan Hazlewood, PE teacher and energizer bunny…I could never figure out where she got all that ENERGY! Often she would stop by my office and ask, “What can I do to help you?” Steve has served as a leader on the Board and has always been COMMITTED to seeing ACS thrive.

Barbara Hurst has been my personal counselor and listened to me whine about so many concerns that I can’t believe she continues to stop in. A true friend and counselor. Technology? I can’t even imagine where we might have been had it not been for Tim and Hurst Technology!!

It takes money to get ANY business started. Yes, ACS is a school, but it also must operate as a business. Many of your names come to my mind as faithful contributors, AUCTION donors, and purchasers. I clearly remember a gun that was sold THREE times at an ACS auction, netting somewhere in the neighborhood of $7,500 for the school. There are MANY others who have contributed to the development of ACS. Just take a moment to think back a few years, see those faces who committed themselves, smile and just REMEMBER them and their commitment. Many individuals and families have been DETERMINED and COMMITTED to the ACS vision.

The vision sent to Brother Rodney has come a long way. Brother Rodney has remained steadfast in his commitment to seeing that the school is one where Jesus is the center of it ALL. My space is limited, but I must tell you that every obstacle placed in the path of building a new school has been met with the determination, desire, and COMMITMENT of ALL the ACS Board.

EVERY person learns to trust God more by having his/her faith stretched. The more our faith is stretched, the more God can bless our lives. “Unless commitment is made, there are only promises and hopes; but no plans.” ― Peter F. Drucker I can tell you that for the past 4-6 months, the task of getting a new school built has been a full-time job and challenge for Barbara Hurst, Marilyn Wilson, Tim Hurst, Steve Hazlewood, Justin Smith, and a couple of others. You may not have seen any physical work out on the property, but I can ASSURE you there have been infinite hours spent making it happen. The fruits of ALL those involved since the VISION of ACS is about to come to fruition. All permits have been acquired, plans designed, re-designed, financing sought, negotiated, renegotiated, and SIGNED. As soon as it quits raining you should SEE activity on the property. EXCITING!!

God has promised to “meet all our needs according to the riches of his glory in Christ Jesus" (Philippians 4:19 NIV). But with every promise there is a condition. God wants us to learn to trust him more. We are Moving FORWARD in FAITH!!

In HIS service, Gordon Smith

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