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Angleton Warriors 4H

4-H Meetings:

4:30 on the first Monday of the month (except January) in the Warrior Room

Managers: Michael and Jennifer Fine

Check the ACS event calendar for more information

ACS Cheer

Cheering year round for all sports and school activities

Practice: Wednesdays

Sponsor: Shana Frank

Upward Cheer

September through November

Tuesday 3:30 - 4:30

Sponsor: Shana Frank

Calculator Club

After school until 4:15

Samantha Flores

Amateur Radio Club

(Ham Radio)

Angleton Christian has an amateur radio club (ham radio) and it is open to all junior high and high school students. Club members do not have to have a license to participate in the club. Students participate in a variety of fun, radio-related activities, including talking on the radio, listening to satellites, building electronics kits and going on “fox” hunts. There are also opportunities to receive an amateur radio license.

After school until 4:30

Brenda Jasper


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