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Exciting Things Are Happening at Angleton Christian School!

Dear ACS Family,

As we look forward to the coming 2017 – 2018 school year, exciting things are happening at Angleton Christian School! It is with great joy that I can report to you the construction loan papers were finalized in June. This means that Lorraine builders is working steadily to begin the new building. With prayer and thanksgiving, we are anticipating that the new building will be ready for occupation in the Fall of 2018! Please be in prayer for the construction to go smoothly without delays.

On another note, our Building Campaign Forward in Faith has raised over $1.2 million dollars in the past two years. This is an extraordinary amount of money for the size of our school! However, we still need more funds to have all of the amenities we would like to have in our school and to have a gymnasium. The construction of the school building alone will cost us $6 million. This means we will need to raise at least $2 million dollars in order to build our gymnasium above what has been raised so far. As you can see, we are in need of continued fundraising.

How can we continue to raise funds you might ask? We need everyone to become an ambassador for ACS! You may have friends, family, or work connections, with people that might be interested in seeing ACS continue to grow and be able to expand our services to even more students. We will also be contacting churches in our area to become partners with us in ministry support. Please be in prayer about how you can help the ministry of ACS through financial opportunities.

If you have questions about our Forward in Faith Campaign, please contact me or Terri Jones for more information. Again, thank you all for such an incredible school year at ACS, and enjoy your summer!

God blessings to you all,

Barbara Hurst,

President Angleton Christian School Board

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