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Robotics Beginnings!

Robotics Team at ACS 2017

Dow will provide a grant to cover most of the cost for implementing Robotics at ACS. The teams consist of 4-10 members. The Robotics team will meet to plan and practice their skills each week.

There are many different jobs that make it possible for everyone to play a significant role.

  • Programmers- write the code for programs to operate the robot. Builders- create the robot design envisioned by the team. Add and modify structures as necessary to complete the mission.​

  • Journaling- keeps a weekly journal of team activities, robot design and programming changes. This includes drawings of designs and ideas.

  • Community Outreach- Primary function is marketing the team through Posters, T-shirts, banners.

  • Scouting- Scouting out other teams at all events. The purpose of this position is to identify teams that have strengths in areas where our team may need mentoring and we would know which teams would be best as potential allies in competition events.

  • Rule Monitor- The rule monitor will keep up with all rules and requirements of the game. They will ensure that the robot meets size specifications, that team members are aware of specific rules of the game and watch the forum for any changes or clarifications to the rules. The rule monitor will also give suggestions to the team in regard to where to concentrate team efforts first by evaluating those aspects of the game that will give the highest points.

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